Hideous History Walking Tours of Coventry

Cost: From £15 Dark tourism is alive (or is it…) take a walk and uncover Coventry and its grisly past. On a Hideous History Tour, you will hear tales of time, death and darkness ranging over 700 years. Walk with Tourist 2 Local & Hideous History Walking Tours of Coventry as they share the sites, the gruesome deeds done and the stories of real history including beheading, poisonings and child murder in a time when Coventry was a difficult place to live. Take a trip through time and hear all about Coventry's old quarters and its surroundings. These tours cover all things spooky in the City: Spring Heeled Jack sightings, a child murder case that was disposed of, and how half decomposed corpses were being exhumed. Tours Available: Hideous History Death & Darkness Tour Hideous History Creepy Hallow Tour Life, Trial and Awful Execution of Mary Ball Hideous History Haunted Horror Tour Hideous History Executions & Hanging Tour Medieval Spon Street Tour For more information on these tours or to book your place, please visit the Tourist 2 Local & Hideous History Walking Tours of Coventry website  https://www.visitcoventry.co.uk/events/event/2045/hideous_history_walking_tours_of_coventry



14 April 2021 - 30 June 2021