In partnership with The Belgrade Theatre and Coventry City of Culture Trust. Led by The Belgrade Theatre's Co-Artistic Director Corey Campbell. SeaView is a six-part digital television series, developed through a groundbreaking collaboration between theatre and film production companies. Inspired by a true story, this urban, supernatural drama is being scripted by a team of emerging Midlands writers. It centres on Steven – a young man destined for great things but quietly tormented by his gifts. Steven’s cousin Chez is desperate to escape his illegitimate business and make an honest living, but when Steven is stabbed on a night out, Chez is forced to bury a dark secret and the family starts falling apart. Reality shifts and the realms of possibility come into question when Steven’s gifts suddenly appear super-human. On a mission to discover what he’s capable of, can Steven liberate his family from the cycle of crime and violence that have ensnared them? SeaView celebrates the aspirations of a Black, working-class, family, exploring urgent questions around choice and circumstance. SeaView - Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 (



1st - 30th September 2021

Belgrade Theatre