Small Bells Ring

Small Bells Ring by Studio Morison is a Super Slow Way and Coventry City of Culture Trust co-commission in collaboration with Lancashire Library Service & Coventry Library Service and supported by the Great Places Programme. Small Bells Rings is part of the Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 Green Futures programme which is supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. The development of Small Bells Ring was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


With Libraries Network Small Bells Ring invites you to hop aboard the RV Furor Scribendi, a floating library crammed full of short stories. This fully-functioning canal boat (and the UK’s largest collection of short stories) will be wending its way along the UK’s canals and coming to Coventry in July 2021. The boat, which has been created with both usefulness and beauty in mind, will visit set locations across our waterways, offering visitors the opportunity to browse and borrow books or stay on board and read as it moves between stops. Just like the world of ideas and opportunity found in the pages of the books it holds, the boat will hold much more than meets the eye. As well as being a wonderful setting for a creative programme of readings, performances and discussions, it will also bring together artists and writers with local communities, house local objects and books, and offer local groups a unique and special venue for small meetings. Small Bells Ring hopes to be a catalyst for reinvigorating libraries through creative change.



July 2021