Sound Systems

A celebration of Coventry’s rich cultural links to its twin city of Kingston, Jamaica, and the unique influence Sound System culture has had on Coventry and the wider UK’s music landscape. ‘Long before 2-Tone, Britain's reggae-loving youth were grooving at blues parties to roots reggae, pumped out of huge speakers, with a bassline that could loosen your fillings.’ Pete Chambers, Coventry Evening Telegraph Sound Systems are an integral part of Jamaican popular culture and music history. The community that migrated to live and work in Coventry brought this sound with them, to keep a vibrant cultural connection to their roots. UK Sound systems were set up across the country and would compete to play the very best music combining the latest releases with one-off dubplates that set them apart. Championing Coventry’s Sound Systems and their contribution to the cities musical landscape was the brainchild of Colin Bell, a local producer, promoter and Chair of the Coventry West Indian Centre, with a passion for sound system culture and a desire to highlight not only Coventry’s relationship to Kingston but also the cultural contributions of the wider Caribbean community to the city. Inspired by his passion, Coventry UK City of Culture are co-creating this project with Colin Bell as creative lead, and with support from The Playmaker Group known internationally for their work in Sound System events from Notting Hill Carnival to the Jamrock Reggae Cruise, this project promises Coventry audiences a unique experience of some of the best local sounds combined with an international flair. Following a series of heats, designed for audiences to select their favourite acts, the final event will see Jamaica and Coventry’s very best loved Sounds connecting with local, national and international audiences both live and digitally. This uniquely collaborative performance will showcase their music and champion Coventry’s contribution to the musical and cultural legacy of Sound Systems. For more information on Coventry City of Culture 2021 please visit their website



1st June - 31st October